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Ad Type: Static zone - Graphical ad zone
Ad Size: Full banner 468x60 [ Graphical banners count: 1 ]
Payments type: Cost per 1000 shows (CPM)
Ad filtering: Also include edgier ads (but still no adult ads)
Zone description: US
Bragaway: In the U.S. and abroad, Dickerson Knight Group (DKG) has provided consultancy and training services designed to build capacities, overcome market challenges and support the growth and development of private sector enterprises operating in transitioning
Keywords list: dkg’s services have been provided to state-owned i,private sector enterprises,and non-governmental organizations in the united s,lending officers and technical-assistance provider,tools and skills learned at training programs desi
Clients income: All income
Client gender: Any sex
Client ages: All ages
Languages: Any language
Category: Games - All elements
Contract for showing: Any contract(Network AD and Flatrate AD)

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