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Standard contract for 1 day11
Standard contract for 7 days71
Standard contract for 1 month301

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Ad Type: Static zone - Mixed(Text or graphical) ad zone
Ad Size: Half banner 234x60 [ Graphical banners count: 1 ] [ Text ads matrix: 1x1 ]
Payments type: Cost-per-click (CPC)
Ad filtering: Only clean, family-friendly ads
Zone description: India
Bragaway: Education
Keywords list:
Clients income: All income
Client gender: Any sex
Client ages: All ages
Languages: English
Category: Education - All elements
Contract for showing: Any contract(Network AD and Flatrate AD)

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Zone statistic

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Date Impressions
2018/05/16 0
2018/05/15 0

Traffic by countries

Country Impressions
India 994
United States 375
Ukraine 80
Canada 41
Germany 37
Sweden 26
Russian Federation 20
Australia 9
Israel 5
Korea, Republic of 4