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VADpay Advertising network. Optimum solution for your business.


Advertise your products or services on thousands of relevant websites

Target your audience use VADpay targeting options: keyword, Geographic, Demographic, Site Category and Site Directory. Run your ads on our advertising network and start receiving new targeted customers in less than 10 minutes:

  1. Select Ad type: Text Ad or Graphical banner
  2. Set up targeting
  3. Set your Daily Budget and Max Bid
  4. Enter your Ad
  5. Check and confirm your settings
  6. Your ad is up and running


VADpay protects its customers from click,impressions fraud, ensuring that only valid and legit clicks/impression are counted. Each click/impression is being processed online by our fraud-detection system, using a sophisticated algorithm that is being constantly updated by our fraud-detection team.

What is a valid click?

Valid click is a click on your ad that was generated by a human, who found your ad appealing and willingly clicked on it with intention to visit your site (such as to make a purchase, register a service, request for info or navigate content).

What is an invalid click?

Invalid click is a click generated by robots, systems, software or even humans with no intention to visit your website.

Fraud-Detection Algorithm

VADpay uses a state-of-the-art fraud-detection algorithm to track and evaluate the validity of each click. All impressions and clicks are evaluated by a broad range of factors, such as bot traffic, proxies, banned IPs, unmatched clicks, rapid clicks, unmatched refers and many that we are forced to keep confidential (so we won't help the ones that are trying to cheat). In addition to the online fraud-detection algorithm, our fraud-detection team manually and constantly reviews the clicks logs and purifies clicks that are suspected to be fraudulent, while updating our fraud-detection algorithm accordingly.

The bottom line is that when there is a doubt - there is no doubt: When a click is suspected to be fraudulent - we mark it as fraudulent. The quality of traffic that we send to you is our highest concern.